Agila Sverige 2009: 8-9 juni

This year’s edition of the Agila Sverige (Agile Sweden) conference will take place on June 8-9. I’d like to be there, because last year it was absolutely fabulous, with lightning talks before lunch and open space after. It was rapid, engaging, fun and with the smartest people around. This year though, I might not be there, since that date correlates pretty well with the expected birth date of my second child! No question about my priorities there I’m afraid.

But for you, there’s no reason for not being there. Plus, it’s virtually free! Sign up here:

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5 replies on “Agila Sverige 2009: 8-9 juni”

  1. Clearly a flaw in your planning process Tobias. Personally, I used the 9 month lead time to plan the release of my second MMF (er, child) to a month after Agila Sverige. :)

    In fact, I was busy polishing my lightning talk proposal when I noted your post. So I will definitely be there.

  2. Thank you, and congratulations to you as well of course.

    My proposed title is “Medvetenhet är det första steget i förbättring” (eng. “Consciousness is the first step of improvement”). I hope to stir up some thoughts for further open space discussion.

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