Systems thinker Russell Ackoff now on YouTube

Three short clips featuring systems thinker Russell Ackoff have been made available on YouTube, and embedded below. Ackoff speaks plainly about profound things, so listen closely, and don’t mistake his plain words for a lack of depth. I’m not an expert, just an interested student, but it seems to be that Ackoff’s great contribution is […]

Mike Cohn on Agile Estimation

Author, consultant and speaker Mike Cohn has a two–part video out on YouTube. In it, he talks about his area of expertise – the planning and estimation of agile projects. Mike will be visiting Sweden this fall, and do a couple of his popular courses, hosted by Citerus. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to […]

More Poppendieck on Lean

Here’s a new interview with Tom and Mary Poppendieck on the topic of lean software development. Thanks to Rickard Johansson for the tip! Around 25 minutes into the interview, the topic of RUP appears. Tom points out the amount of knowledge available in the RUP, but also how it has often been implemented with a […]