Johanna Rothman to Stockholm, May 30, 2012

Author, consultant and teacher Johanna Rothman is coming to Stockholm on May 30, this year. She will be leading a one-day workshop about the agile project portfolio. The course will be in English, and I highly recommend you check it out if you need some inspiration on how to manage in a situation where you […]

Kent Beck on Accountability and Trust

The first time I heard Kent Beck’s voice for real was in a podcast interview. I remember that he spoke with passion about concepts that were, as I listened, obviously connected with the practices of XP: trust and accountability. Still, I hadn’t made the connection that clearly up until then, so that interview stood out […]

Jeff Sutherland at Öredev 2008

Here’s a video of a talk by Jeff Sutherland at Öredev 2008. Although I still find all his numbers suspect, because I don’t understand what he does to actually measure productivity of the teams he works with – I still like to listen to him speak. His ambition to push the envelope and find new […]