Programmer Productivity?

I’ll admit I’m a bit confused. Do we still believe that it’s meaningful to talk about the productivity of individual programmers? Assuming we had some agreement in our business as to how exactly one should measure the productivity of a programmer (we don’t), what good would it do us? Let’s say we discovered that he most productive programmer is […]

Född: A l f r e d

Den 11:e juni 2009 föddes mitt andra barn! Kärleken var enorm från första stund. Obskrivbart. Han älskar att äta och kan även tänka sig att sova, fast bara lite grann, ibland. Det första jag tänkte när han kom ut var: “Han är så lik sin storasyster”. Han luktar underbart och skriker jättehögt och jag älskar honom bortom ord.

Slides from Learning Together @ Öresund Agile

My talk at Öresund Agile yesterday went ok. I was slightly nervous before, as always. Once I started speaking, my 30 minutes flew by, though. Not clear on how relevant people thought my material was – we’ll see if some feedback drops in. My intention was to introduce a few useful concepts about learning to […]

PSL in Sweden

My colleague and friend Magnus Ljadas and I are currently working to get Jerry Weinberg’s legendary (yeah!) workshop Problem Solving Leadership to Sweden, starring Gerald M. Weinberg himself, Esther Derby, and Johanna Rothman. We’re aiming for January 2009. To gauge the interest on the market, we’ve put up a form where anyone who’s interested in […]