Slides from Learning Together @ Öresund Agile

My talk at Öresund Agile yesterday went ok. I was slightly nervous before, as always. Once I started speaking, my 30 minutes flew by, though. Not clear on how relevant people thought my material was – we’ll see if some feedback drops in. My intention was to introduce a few useful concepts about learning to people in the agile community who hadn’t heard about them before. Embedded below are my slides, which may not be that useful if you weren’t at the conference, but that’s OK. If you were there, maybe they can serve as a small reminder of what I spoke about.

If you want to do some research on your own into the things I talked about, here are some links for further reading:

  1. The Two Great Wastes
  2. Origins of the “knowledge pyramid”
  3. Ikujiro Nonaka on knowledge
  4. Book tip regarding dialogue

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