Learning Together @ Öresund Agile 2009

I’ll be speaking at this year’s Öresund Agile conference. As at last year’s conference, I’m intimidated by being on the same program as veterans like Jeff Sutherland and Jim Coplien, but hey, I think I have something interesting to say. Plus, in a very un-Swedish way, I choose to focus on the two guys who came up to me at last year’s conference and said (guy number one), “your talk was the **curse word** best today”, and (guy number two) “your presentation skills are absolutely amazing”. Haha, of course, since I am a Swede, I cannot really believe either of them, but I’m working on that.

Here’s the elevator statement for my talk this year:

All organizations can use their potential better. Agile is one way to begin to do so. However, while agile has spread rapidly and resulted in many improvements, many still see it as just a new methodology. At the core of agile lies the belief in the value of being able to move with elegance and ease, even when circumstances change. This means that we can never stop learning about better ways to do things.
We can never stop and say that we found the one true way of doing things. Organizations that realize this use learning and teamwork to fuel improvments that go beyond what textbooks, industry gurus and competitors say and do. This is the true power of learning together.

Come to this Copehagen conference if you are in the Öresund area on May 13. You’ll also get to listen to experts like Mary Poppendieck and Henrik Kniberg!

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