Custom Searching From Inside the Browser

Ever notice that little search box up in the corner in Firefox and Explorer? Of course you have. You’ve probably used it dozens of time to search for stuff on the web, probably using Google.

You may have noticed that you can also search using many other search engines from this field, and that you can add new search engines if you want to.

What I did not know until today, was how easy it is to add support for your own custom searches using the OpenSearch standard. I started out following these guidelines on how to create my own OpenSearch plugin, but soon noticed a link to a neat tool for doing this for me. Using this online tool, it was a breeze to create a Firefox and Explorer compatible search plugin for, which is an indispensable site that gathers reviews on games, movies and other entertainment stuff. So, now I can search directly on Metacritic from inside my search field in the browser. Neat!

Published by Tobias Fors

I'm a software management consultant. I help other people succeed with software development. In my work, I help teams and organizations be more effective and ship software.