Roll Around in a Cyber Cart

I just came across a completely wonderful comment by Lisa Crispin, on Johanna Rothman’s blog. I’ve just read it, and already I love it. I can’t put my finger on why, but for some reason it makes me happy. It probably has to do with my fascination for the concept we used to call cyberspace (ever since I read MIT architecture professor Michael Benedikt’s “Cyberspace – First Steps” in 1994). The discussion on Johanna’s is regarding telecommuting, and Lisa shares a story of how she achieves virtual presence:

My team set up a rolling cart for each remote team member, with a laptop, webcam, Skype and mic. My webcam displays on the laptop, and my team members roll ‘me’ around to whoever I’m pairing with, or to meetings (rolling through the halls saying hi to people is fun!) I can control the webcam to look for people.

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