Writing: It’s Not Just About Writing

I try to write regularly. I write a lot more than I publish, and that’s OK for now. I’d like to publish more in the future however, so I keep trying to improve my productivity. One thing I’ve found that helps, is to do something that moves a writing project forward, even if it’s not really writing per se.

What I do is I work on structuring things I’ve previously written. I’ll typically look through my project in my writing tool of choice, and look for areas that need some cleaning up. Then I’ll go ahead and move stuff around, clean out stuff that no longer feels relevant, or even do a little bit of editing.

Every now and then, this not-quite-writing activity triggers something inside of me, and I get an idea. Once that precious idea pops up, I can easily write for some time. Conclusion: not all about writing is writing, but in the end, writing is what it’s all about.

Published by Tobias Fors

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