A Stack Exchange on Scrum

Intrigued by the possibilites of the Stack Exchange platform, I’ve proposed a site for questions & answers on the topic of Scrum. On the Stack Exchange platform users:

  1. Post questions and answers
  2. Vote answers up or down, depending on how helpful they think the answers are
  3. Grow their ability to moderate the site as they engage more with it

I like how the creators of the platform aims to put the community in the driver’s seat, and I’m hoping this will take off. We’ll see about that: first, we need a number of early adopters to help define the site. Then we need a whole bunch of people to commit to working with it. If we get that, we’ll have a nice place to go for questions and answers from the Scrum perspective.

Is this something? If you think it is, you should go and check it out now.

Published by Tobias Fors

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2 replies on “A Stack Exchange on Scrum”

  1. Hi André, sorry for the very late reply. I tried to get in touch with you via Twitter but must have failed.

    I have not talked to any active users. I just came across Stack Exchange one day, liked it, and decided to put up a proposal.

    I chose to go with Scrum, rather than agile in general, because I felt that that scope had the greatest chance of resulting in useful questions and answers. I was afraid that a more general agile site would be too unwieldy.

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