Books That Have Influenced Me

Henrik Mårtensson has published a list of business books that have influenced him. He also encouraged us readers to create our own lists. So here’s my list, in no particular order, not complete (I’ll add to it as I come to think of more books), and as of now without any motivation of why a particular book was included.

* The Blind Men and the Elephant, David Schmaltz
* Becoming a Technical Leader, Gerald Weinberg
* The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge
* Secrets of Consulting (and More Secrets of Consulting), Gerald Weinberg
* The Art of Problem Solving, Russell Ackoff
* Agile Software Development with Scrum, Ken Schwaber
* Are Your Lights on?, Gerald Weinberg and Don Gause
* A Guide to Rational Living, Albert Ellis and Robert Harper
* An Introduction to General Systems Thinking, Gerald Weinberg

And a great article:

* Resistance as a Resource, Dale Emery

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