Getting Started With Radiant

In the past, I have worked some with web content management systems. Both as a developer, and as a user. The state of the art can be summed up like this: web content management systems are typically crap. They seem to be written by developers for developers, not for fast and efficient publishing.

At Citerus, we still use a seemingly powerful but painfully unusable and inefficient CMS, for historical reasons. I have been looking around for an alternative for some time, but most of what I’ve tried so far suffers from the same issues: complicated user interface design.

I am now evaluating the Ruby on Rails-based Radiant. So far, things look good. Though it seems to lack well-written documentation, its simplicity makes it easy to get started with. It seems to have come about when the developers of the new ruby-lang site discovered that they, too, could not find a sensible content management system.

Published by Tobias Fors

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