The Power of Closure

Have you ever watched an episode of, say, Prison Break, and noticed how they stop for commercials just when the action is most intense? Of course you have. Those moments are called cliffhangers. You are literally left hanging for a while, and that’s a situation you want to get out of. Psychologists have a name […]

Positive Reviews Just In

I’m glad to read that Henrik Mårtensson, whose interests and knowledge I have come to respect through the reading of his blog (and even more now that I’ve met him in person), enjoyed a recent Scrum Kickstart I facilitated, and he participated in: “It is rare to meet someone that can talk about the same […]

Kurser om Scrum och DDD snart på Citerus

Under hösten kommer vi på Citerus dels att fortsätta med våra populära utbildningar i den lättrörliga arbetsmetoden Scrum, dels ha en del andra intressanta evenemang. Se här till exempel: Den 12-13 september bjuder vi till en kurs om lättrörlig projektledning med Scrum. Den 11-13 oktober kommer Eric Evans och utbildar i domain-driven design. Eric Evans […]

The Visible Planning Calendar

Planning is great. Too bad it’s so hard. Too bad it so often results in weird plans and deadlines that jump around in the calendar like drunken fleas. Here’s an idea (yet untried by me) for a counter-measure: The Visible Planning Calendar. Goal: to make planning more transparent by at least making dates somewhat less […]

Where Did the Time Go?

Efficiency in an iterative mode of working requires that we have little overhead in all our processes. For example, if building a release candidate takes us several days of manual work, we will have a hard time working in two week iterations, since so much of the iteration will be consumed by release work. Add […]

Donald Reinertsen till Sverige, 3 maj

Donald Reinertsen är konsult och författare till “Developing Products in Half the Time” och “Managing the Design Factory”. Hans approach är särskilt uppfriskande i dessa tider, när metod ställs mot metod. Lättrörligt mot traditionellt. Istället för att ge sig in i såna strider föredrar Reinertsen att utforska hur olika faktorer faktiskt påverkar varandra. Han går […]