How To Fail With Any Method, Guaranteed

Start out with a lack of experience Because of this lack, put your faith in a method that should be able to help you Apply the method half-heartedly, get bad results Blame the method, don’t accept responsibility for your own results Because you’re not responsible, don’t bother learning anything, get no valuable experience Search for […]

Centralized Services in Software Development

Reading a blog post by Tripp Babbitt reminded me of Ackoffs discussion on internal market economies in Re-Creating the Corporation. Babbitt’s blog post talks about how focusing on cost reductions often increases costs. One reason is that cost reductions are often approached by centralizing services in organizations. When this happens, a feedback loop is broken. […]

Thriving Through the Credit Crunch

Clarke Ching has written a nice little piece that’s available as an online read on Slideshare, and embedded below. It’s short and plain enough that it has the potential of becoming widely read. I’m predicting it will spread quite fast. Executive summary: releasing wanted software soon and frequently ties up capital for shorter durations, which […]

Systems thinker Russell Ackoff now on YouTube

Three short clips featuring systems thinker Russell Ackoff have been made available on YouTube, and embedded below. Ackoff speaks plainly about profound things, so listen closely, and don’t mistake his plain words for a lack of depth. I’m not an expert, just an interested student, but it seems to be that Ackoff’s great contribution is […]