Theory of Software Development

Ivar Jacobsson rails at the prevalance of practices but, at least in this article, doesn’t even come close to touching on any relevant theories. Instead, it seems to me that he promotes even more practices. I’m sure things will clear up for me once I get my hands on his latest toolbox. Unless, of course, I have to pay a lot of cash to get it, in which case I probably won’t get my hands on it.

Thriving Through the Credit Crunch

Clarke Ching has written a nice little piece that’s available as an online read on Slideshare, and embedded below. It’s short and plain enough that it has the potential of becoming widely read. I’m predicting it will spread quite fast. Executive summary: releasing wanted software soon and frequently ties up capital for shorter durations, which […]

Changes, Then Rules, Then Changes, Then …

David Schmaltz writes: “Within SEI, there were (probably still are) two factions. I heard (just hearsay) that two principals at SEI approached two of the Agile Manifesto signatories to wish them luck shortly after the manifesto was made public. Apparently they had carried the same intentions in founding the SEI, but were compromised when the suits […]