Common Pitfall: Planning Alone

Many organizations forget that planning is all about the planning. You’ve probably heard the saying: “The plan is nothing, the planning is everything”. For me, that means that the process of planning itself is, to a large degree, what creates belief in and understanding of the plans. The plans will break anyhow (we’ll still do […]

This Week Online – Saturday, May 14, 2011

This week I managed to squeeze in three days of consulting and two days of public teaching. Side effect: less time over for reading. Still, here’s some of the stuff that piqued my interest online this week. Bright and Terrible Jay Yarow of Business Insider published a short post about what’s it like to fail […]

This Week Online – Saturday, May 7, 2011

Here’s a mixed list of some of the things I appreciated online this week. They might turn out to be useful to you as well. Fake and Shapes Randy Rice published a blog post that listed different testing tools that came up during a tutorial session he hosted at StarEast 2011. I don’t work as […]

Programmer Productivity?

I’ll admit I’m a bit confused. Do we still believe that it’s meaningful to talk about the productivity of individual programmers? Assuming we had some agreement in our business as to how exactly one should measure the productivity of a programmer (we don’t), what good would it do us? Let’s say we discovered that he most productive programmer is […]