Ken Robinson on Changing Education Paradigms

My friend from the AYE conference, John, just reminded me about the clip below. It has an important message, but there’s another reason to watch it too: the presentation is stunning. In the clip, Ken Robinson argues that our schools are using methods designed for a different age. Those methods are no longer helpful. We […]

The Power of Completion: Great vs Excellent Teachers

When I practiced aikido, I was struck by the difference between good and excellent teachers. The good teacher would be more than willing to correct me when I did something wrong. Too willing, in fact. So eager were they to instruct me that they would interrupt me mid-motion to show me how to improve. The […]

How To Fail With Any Method, Guaranteed

Start out with a lack of experience Because of this lack, put your faith in a method that should be able to help you Apply the method half-heartedly, get bad results Blame the method, don’t accept responsibility for your own results Because you’re not responsible, don’t bother learning anything, get no valuable experience Search for […]